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Carleton University Kayak Club

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I designed and built the Carleton University Kayak Club website using WordPress as the back-end framework.

Although the main component of the website was content management (CMS), additional functionality was implemented. These added features allow people to sign up for lessons and trips as well as subscribe to the CUKC newsletter. There is a great focus around HTML5/ CSS3 techniques such as CSS shadows, gradients and fading as well as ajax requests for form submissions. won the Kayaking Web Award.



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The Falcon Autonomous Quadrotor System was a large project that was done over the course of just under 4 months. The project was to design and build a quadrotor that could stabilize itself independently. The only input required is take-off, land, increase altitude and decrease altitude. All the stabilization is monitored and compensated for onboard. The payload carried by the Falcon is a GoPro Hero 3. In the future of this project, we hope to have the Falcon follow a subject with the camera. This would be ideal for video capture of sports.

In this project, I was the lead software & electrical engineer. This involved a lot of the hardware and software integration, wiring, construction and algorithm implementation.

The Falcon is equipped with an Arduino Uno (because it has highly responsive GPIO ports) and a Raspberry Pi (because it has a more processing power than the Uno and it has USB). The USB on the Raspberry Pi is used to communicate with the Arduino as well as a Wi-Fi card. The Wi-Fi allows it to be controlled from an application running on any device on the wireless network that it is paired with. There is an ultrasonic sensor located on the bottom of the Falcon so that it can monitor its altitude.

Another part of the project that I did was the video. The video is about the development process of the system.

I also did the logo for the project.